§ 84.27.040  Separation from Residences.
   (a)   Separation Distance Required.  Telecommunication towers and antennas shall not be located closer than 300 feet or a distance equal to 200 percent of the height of the tower, whichever is greater, from an off-site residence.
   (b)   Antennas and Facilities Exempt from Separation Distance Standard.  This separation standard shall not apply in the following instances:
      (1)   When wireless telecommunication facilities are totally enclosed within another structure (i.e., steeple, sign, etc.).
      (2)   When a wireless telecommunication facility is added to an existing structure and appears as if it were part of the architectural design of the structure.
      (3)   When antennas are to be mounted on existing utility towers, utility streetlights, and utility poles or their substantially similar replacements and the:
         (A)   Height of the existing structure is not increased; and
         (B)   Antenna does not protrude above the existing structure.  For the purposes of this Section, “utility towers” do not include water tanks.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)