§ 84.24.060  Design and Construction Standards.
   The design and construction of the storage areas shall be in compliance with current County standards and the following:
   (a)   Architectural Compatibility.  If the storage area is located outside or on the exterior of a structure, it shall be architecturally compatible with the materials and colors of other structures on the property.
   (b)   Architectural Features.  Exterior storage areas shall be enclosed by six-foot high masonry walls with steel gates.  A concrete apron equal to the width of the gate and outward from the enclosure a minimum of six feet shall be provided.  The Director may require the provision of a roof structure over the enclosure to obstruct visibility of the enclosure from above.
   (c)   Landscaping.  The exterior perimeter of the storage areas shall be planted, if feasible, with drought resistant landscaping, including a combination of shrubs and/or climbing evergreen vines.
   (d)   Lighting.  The storage areas shall be well lit with a minimum one foot-candle.
   (e)   Signs.  Signs shall be conspicuously posted on each storage area giving instructions on the use of the recycling bins and containers.  Each sign shall not exceed four square feet in area and shall be posted on the exterior of the storage area, adjacent to the access point.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)