§ 84.18.020  Applicability.
   (a)   Compliance with the General Plan.  The provisions in this Chapter apply to development in any land use zoning district in compliance with the application requirements identified in Chapter 85.10 (Planned Development Permit).  Strict compliance with the purpose and intent of the General Plan shall be required.  Only uses allowed in the land use zoning district for which the planned development is proposed shall be allowed.
   (b)   Authority of the Commission to Recommend Alteration to Standards.  The Planning Commission may recommend alteration of adopted standards in the Preliminary Development Plan, for approval by the Board of Supervisors.
   (c)   Authority of the Board to Alter Standards.  Unless specifically changed within this Chapter, adopted County ordinances, standards and policies shall apply to a planned development project, including those identified in this Development Code and the General Plan.  The Board of Supervisors may alter adopted standards in the Preliminary Development Plan, where the Board finds that the altered standards would more adequately serve the purpose and intent of the planned development provisions of the Development Code.  Any alterations to these standards must be made consistent with the findings required in § 85.10.050(b).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4205, passed - -2013)