§ 84.12.080  Class I Home Occupation Standards.
   (a)   Work Activities.  All work shall be performed exclusively by phone and mail, or over the Internet, or shall be the activity of creative artists.
   (b)   Sales.  No sales of products on the premises, except produce (fruit and vegetables) grown on the subject property, shall be allowed.
   (c)   Number of Customers.  The only customers or clientele who may visit the residence shall be those identified in Subdivision (b) (Sales), above, and the students of music teachers, academic tutors, and similar instructors.  The instruction of the students shall be provided on an individual basis and by appointment only.  More than one student from the same family shall be considered as being on an individual basis.
   (d)   Residency Requirements.  Employees, partners, or operators of the home occupation shall be members of the resident family and shall reside on the premises.
   (e)   Storage Area.  Up to 25 percent or 250 square feet, whichever is greater, of the total floor area of the dwelling unit and related accessory structures, may be used for storage of materials and supplies related to the home occupation.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)