§ 84.12.070  Development Standards Applicable to all Classes.
   The operators of home occupations shall make every attempt to be a “good neighbor” and respect the rights of their neighbors.  All classes of home occupations shall adhere to the following standards:
   (a)   Accessory to Residential Land Use.  Home occupations shall only be allowed as an accessory use to a legal residential land use.
   (c)   Activities Limited to Enclosed Structure.  The home occupation shall be confined to an enclosed structure, either the residence itself or an authorized accessory structure as described in § 84.01.050 (Residential Accessory Structures and Uses).
   (d)   Advertising Materials.  Public advertising (e.g., handbills) shall only list: phone number, home occupation operator’s name, post office box, and description of business.  Location information shall be limited to community name only.  The business address or location shall not be included in any public advertising, with the exception of a telephone directory (i.e., white pages) and business cards.
   (e)   Commercial Delivery Vehicles.  The home occupation shall not involve the use of commercial vehicles for the delivery of materials to or from the premises beyond those commercial vehicles normally associated with residential uses.
   (f)   External Appearance.  The appearance of the structure shall not be altered nor shall the occupation within the residence be conducted in a manner that would cause the premises to differ from its residential character either by the use of colors, materials, construction, lighting, or signs.
   (g)   Hazardous Materials.  Chemicals, solvents, mixtures or materials that are corrosive, toxic, flammable, an irritant, a strong sensitizer, or other similar materials used in a home occupation shall be used and stored in compliance with regulations of the Fire Department.
   (h)   Light and Glare.  Direct or indirect light from a home occupation activity shall not cause glare onto an adjacent parcel in compliance with Chapter 83.07 (Glare and Outdoor Lighting).
   (i)   Noise.  Noise emanations shall not exceed 55 dB(A) as measured at the property lines at all times.
   (j)   Parking.  Parking shall comply with the parking requirements outlined in Chapter 83.11 (Parking and Loading Standards).  Additional on-site parking beyond that required in Chapter 83.11 (Parking and Loading Standards) shall be provided for additional vehicles used in connection with the home occupation.  One additional parking space shall be provided for each non-resident employee.  Additional parking spaces shall be easily accessible (including accommodation for winter conditions in the mountains).
   (k)   Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic.  Pedestrian and vehicular traffic shall be limited to that normally associated with residential land use zoning districts.
   (l)   Property Owner’s Permission for Tenant Operation.  If a tenant of the property is to operate the home occupation, notarized written permission from the property owner for the use of the property for the home occupation shall be submitted.
   (m)   Odors and Vibrations.  No equipment or processes used on the subject property shall create smoke, fumes, odors, or vibrations that are disruptive to surrounding properties.
   (n)   Other Required Permits.  Permits required from other agencies and departments shall be submitted with the Home Occupation Permit application.
   (o)   Outdoor Activity Time Limits.  No process, operation, or activity shall result in the appearance of parts, equipment, materials, tools, or supplies outside a structure for the purpose of the process, operation, or activity so that they can be observed for time periods of 30 or more consecutive minutes from a position of driving or walking on the public streets.
   (p)   Outdoor Storage.  No outdoor storage of equipment, materials or supplies or display of goods or products shall be allowed.  In the Desert Region, if the subject property is at least five acres in area, outdoor storage shall be allowed if properly screened from view.
   (q)   Street Address.  The street address shall be prominently posted on the property so that it is easily visible from the street.
   (r)   Utilities and Community Facilities.  The uses of utilities and community facilities shall be limited to that normally associated with the use of property for residential purposes. 
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4341, passed - -2018)