§ 84.12.050  Prohibited Home Occupations.
   Except as provided in § 84.12.060 (Allowed Home Occupations in Desert Region), the following uses are not incidental to or compatible with residential activities and shall not be allowed as home occupations:
   (a)   Animal hospitals.
   (b)   Motor vehicle and other vehicle repair (body or mechanical) to include the repair of engine, muffler or drive train components of the vehicle; upholstery; painting or storage.
   (c)   Carpentry and cabinet making, not to include woodworking that results in the creation of small wood products or single pieces of furniture.
   (d)   Kennels or catteries.
   (e)   Massage parlors.
   (f)   Medical and dental offices, clinics, and medical laboratories.
   (g)   Repair shops or service establishments, except repair of small electrical appliances, cameras, or other similar items.
   (h)   Riding stables.
   (i)   Large scale upholstering service, not to include the reupholstering of separate, individual pieces of furniture or other objects.
   (j)   Welding and machining.
   (k)   Vermicomposting.
   (l)   Any other use determined by the Director that is not incidental to and/or compatible with residential activities.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4245, passed - -2014)