§ 84.11.030  Permit Requirements.
   (a)   Special Use Permit Required.  An approved Special Use Permit shall be required for the establishment of a hazardous waste facility. 
   (b)   Purpose of Special Use Permit.  The purpose of the Special Use Permit shall be to:
      (1)   Evaluate the operation and monitoring plan of the facility.
      (2)   Ensure the facility has adequate measures for monitoring on-going impacts to air quality, groundwater, and environmentally sensitive resources.
      (3)   Evaluate the types and quantities of wastes that will be treated or disposed of at the facility.
      (4)   Require periodic inspections of the facility to ensure conditions of approval are implemented and monitored.
   (c)   Disclosure Statement.  A copy of the disclosure statement required by Health and Safety Code § 25200.4 shall accompany the application for a Special Use Permit for a specified hazardous waste facility.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)