§ 84.07.030  Development Standards.
   (a)   Setbacks.  A setback of 15 feet or the distance required within the land use zoning district where the commercial or industrial use is located, whichever is greater, shall be maintained between the different land uses.
   (b)   Screening and Buffering.  Loading docks, roof- or ground-mounted mechanical equipment (e.g., air conditioning, heating ventilation ducts and exhaust, etc.), utility services, and outside storage shall be enclosed by man-made or natural barrier(s) sufficient to screen them from public view from abutting public streets and rights-of-way and abutting areas zoned for residential or open space uses.  The screening method shall be architecturally compatible with other site development in terms of colors, materials, and architectural style.  In addition, the screening method shall be sufficient to attenuate noise levels to 65 dB(A) Ldn at the property line of the noise source.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)