§ 84.05.060  Additional Standards for Bed and Breakfast Inns/Lodges.
   (a)   Structures of Historical, Architectural, and Cultural Significance.
      (1)   Only the following residential structures shall be allowed to be used as a Bed and Breakfast Inn/Lodge:
         (A)   A residential structure that the Commission has determined to be of historical, architectural, or cultural significance; or
         (B)   A property that is listed in the State Register or the National Register of Historic Places.
      (2)   The Commission may establish Historic and Scenic Preservation Standards and shall review the proposal for a determination of historical, architectural, or cultural significance.  In making its determination, the Commission shall consider the:
         (A)   Architecture of the structure noting the history, uniqueness, and style of the design.
         (B)   Historical and/or cultural value(s) of the property and/or the site.
         (C)   Age of the structure and its physical and structural condition.
      (3)   After a determination, the structure shall be listed:
         (A)   As a State Landmark or Point of Historical Interest; or
         (B)   On the National Register of Historic Places.
      (4)   If a Bed and Breakfast Inn/Lodge is associated with an agritourism use, these requirements shall not apply.
   (b)   Preservation and Maintenance of Significant Features.  The Commission may require the preservation and maintenance of significant permanent landscaping features and significant historical, architectural, and/or cultural features of the structure and/or property.
   (c)   Pre-Alteration Inspection by Building Official.  A residential structure that has been declared a historical structure shall be subject to pre-alteration inspection by the Building Official.  A copy of the inspection report shall accompany the application for a Special Use Permit for a bed and breakfast use.
   (d)   Compliance with Building Code Standards.  Historical structures proposed for bed and breakfast uses shall comply with current applicable California Building Code standards, including the State Historical Building Code, and those pertaining to the physical and structural conditions of the structure and the site.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)