§ 84.04.030  General Development Standards.
   (a)   Applicable Local Health and Animal Control Regulations.  The keeping of animals in all land use zoning districts shall be subject to the conditions of the County Public Health Department and the regulations of Title 3 (Health and Sanitation and Animal Regulations) of the County Code.
   (b)   Pre-Existing Uses.  A legally established nonconforming animal-keeping use shall be allowed to continue subject to Chapter 84.17 (Nonconforming Uses and Structures).
   (c)   Allowed Uses.  Animal-keeping uses shall be allowed in compliance with Division 2 (Land Use Zoning Districts and Allowed Land Uses) and shall comply with the permit requirements and standards in this Chapter and other requirements in this Development Code and the County Code.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)