§ 84.02.020  Definitions.
   The words and phrases included in this Chapter shall employ the definitions found in § 810.01.030(l) of the Development Code, entitled “Adult Business” unless otherwise stated or if it is clearly apparent from the context that another meaning is intended. In addition to those definitions, the following definitions shall apply to this Chapter:
   (a)   PARK shall mean a non-commercial publicly owned area of land operated by San Bernardino County, or a city or special district within the County that is developed for active or passive recreation, providing features such as open grassy areas, sports and play fields, courts, gymnasiums, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Not included are trails, nature preserves, or privately owned recreation facilities developed to offer recreation to paying customers.
   (b)   SCHOOL shall mean any child or day care facility, or an institution of learning for minors, whether public or private, offering instruction in those courses of study required by the California Education Code and maintained pursuant to standards set by the State Board of Education.  This definition includes nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, middle or junior high school, senior high school, or any special institution of education, but it does not include a vocational or professional institution of higher education, including a community or junior college, college, or university.
(Ord. 4239, passed - -2014)