§ 84.01.040  Commercial and Industrial Accessory Structures and Uses.
   This Section provides standards for accessory structures and uses that are related to primary commercial and industrial uses.
   (a)   Exterior Storage.  Exterior storage shall comply with Title 3 (Health and Sanitation and Animal Regulations) of the County Code.  Screening of exterior storage shall comply with §83.02.060 (Screening and Buffering).
   (b)   Caretaker Housing.  The caretaker dwelling unit shall be subject to accessory dwelling unit development standards in §84.01.060(e).
   (c)   Seasonal Labor Quarters.  Labor quarters for commercial or industrial operations that are limited to three months of the year may utilize recreational vehicles as temporary labor quarters.  A Site Plan Permit shall still be required to ensure proper services are supplied to the temporary laborers.  Also, a Special Use Permit shall be required to monitor the use.  Failure to obtain both the Site Plan Permit and the Special Use Permit required under this subsection shall render the placement, use and/or occupancy of recreational vehicles or similar vehicles unlawful and subject to enforcement under Chapter 86.09 of this Code.
(Ord. 4383, passed - -2020)