§ 83.15.040  Developer’s Deposit.
   (a)   Deposit Required for Services of Quality Control Engineer.  Before the issuance of building permits and where a Water Quality Management Plan is required, the developer shall post a deposit with Department of Public Works, Land Development Engineering Division in the amount and in the form specified by that Division. The deposit funds held in trust shall be dispersed to the quality control engineer by the Land Development Division under the terms of the agreement between the County and the quality control engineer to pay for the services of the quality control engineer.
   (b)   Additional Deposits Required.  The Land Development Engineering Division shall notify the developer if and when it becomes apparent that the deposit will be exhausted and the developer shall make the additional deposit as is required by the Land Development Division.
   (c)   Suspension or Revocation of Grading Permit.  If the developer fails to submit the additional deposit by the date specified by the Land Development Engineering Division, the Land Development Division shall suspend or revoke the development permit, in compliance with the provisions of this Code and order that work on the project be ceased.
   (d)   Refunds.  Upon completion of the work, unused funds shall be returned to the developer within 60 days following the quality control inspection approvals.
(Ord. 4043, passed - -2008)