§ 83.14.030  Transportation Control Measures Development Standards.
   (a)   Bicycle Parking Required.  Bicycle parking facilities or secured bicycle lockers shall be provided for all non-residential and multi-family (of ten or more units) developments when discretionary review is required. Parking racks or secured lockers shall be provided at a rate of one per 30 parking spaces with a minimum of a three-bike rack.
   (b)   Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Streets.  On-site pedestrian walkways and bicycle facilities shall be provided connecting each structure in a development to public streets for all new non-residential and multi-family (of ten or more units) development
   (c)   Shower Facility.  A minimum of one shower facility accessible to both men and women shall be provided for persons bicycling or walking to work for all new non-residential development generating 250 or more peak hour trips.
   (d)   Passenger Loading Area.  Passenger loading areas in locations close to building entrances (but not interfering with vehicle circulation) shall be provided for all new non-residential and multi-family (of ten or more units) developments with at least 100 parking spaces. (Loading area shall be equivalent to a minimum of five parking spaces.)
   (e)   Vanpool Parking.  Preferred parking facilities shall be provided near building entrances for vanpools in all new non-residential developments where appropriate. A vertical clearance of no less than nine feet shall be provided.
   (f)   Transit Improvements.  Transit improvements (i.e., bus pullouts, bus pads, and bus shelters) shall be provided for all new residential and non-residential development along existing or planned transit routes. The need for and nature of those improvements shall be determined in cooperation with the designated local transportation authority.
   (g)   On-Site Video Conferencing Facilities.  On-site video conferencing facilities shall be provided for all office park developments with 1,000 or more employees.
   (h)   Reduction in Parking Space Requirements.  Parking space requirements for new non-residential development shall be reduced when linked to other actions that reduce trips to account for increased ridesharing and other modes of transportation. The amount of reduction shall be based on the recommendations of a parking study prepared by a qualified traffic engineer.
   (i)   Incentives for On-site Child Care and Senior Citizen Facilities.  Incentives to incorporate on-site child care facilities and senior citizen facilities (e.g., increased parcel coverage, reduced parking requirements, etc.) shall be provided.
   (j)   Bicycle Plan.  Participate in implementation of the Countywide Bicycle Plan (when adopted).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)