§ 83.13.130  Abandoned Signs.
   (a)   Removal of Abandoned Signs.
      (1)   A sign that identifies a business or activity that is no long conducted on the premises where the sign is located or pertains to a time, event, or purpose that no longer applies, shall be considered an abandoned sign and shall be prohibited. An abandoned sign shall be removed by the owner or lessee of the premises upon which the sign is located immediately upon closure of the business or the passing of the event.
      (2)   A sign frame or structure that supported an abandoned sign and that conforms to all applicable regulations shall be allowed to remain in place. However, in the event a sign frame or structure is inconsistent with regulations, the sign structure and/or frame shall be either altered to comply with the regulations of this Chapter, or removed by the owner or lessee of the property.
      (3)   Signs considered by the County to have historic value or cultural significance shall be exempt from this requirement.
      (4)   If the owner or lessee fails to remove the sign, the County, following a public hearing, may have the sign removed.
   (b)   Recovery of Costs.  When the County is required to remove an illegal sign, the reasonable cost of the removal and storage may be assessed against the owner of the sign(s) and/or the property owner. If not paid, the applicable costs may be imposed as a tax lien against the property.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)