§ 83.13.110  Enforcement.
   (a)   In addition to the following provisions, violations of this Chapter shall be enforced in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 86.09 (Enforcement).
   (b)   The following signs are hereby declared to be public nuisances:
      (1)   A sign or advertising structure, including flags, unlawfully constructed, placed on or unlawfully projecting over land owned in fee simple by a governmental entity, or unlawfully on or over a public right-of-way without an Encroachment Permit as provided in the County Code.
      (2)   A sign declared to be hazardous or unsafe by the Director, Building Official, or Fire Chief.
      (3)   Illegal signs.
   (c)   A County Enforcement Officer may, without notice, move, remove, and/or dispose of a sign or advertising structure that has been declared a public nuisance in compliance with Subdivision (b) above. In addition, an Enforcement Officer may authorize work required to correct a hazardous or unsafe condition.
   (d)   A County Enforcement Officer shall charge the cost of moving, removing, disposing, correcting, storing, repairing, or working on a sign or sign structure to any one or all of the following, each of which shall be jointly and individually liable for the expense:
      (1)   The permittee.
      (2)   The owner of the sign.
      (3)   The owner of the premises on which the sign is located.
      (4)   The sign lessee or lessor.
   (e)   The charge for expenses shall be in addition to penalty for the violation. Recovery of the sign does not necessarily abrogate the penalty.
   (f)   Signs made of paper, cardboard, lightweight plastic, or similar materials, that are removed, may be discarded immediately. Other removed signs shall be held no less than 30 days by the County, during which period it may be recovered by the owner upon paying the County for costs of removal and storage. If not recovered within the allowed 30-day period, the sign and structure is hereby declared abandoned and the Title of it shall vest to the County.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4245, passed - -2014)