§ 83.13.100  Sign Standards for Specific Uses.
   The following signs shall comply with the requirements of this Development Code or applicable specific plans:
   (a)   Service Station Signs.  The following regulations shall apply to service stations, in addition to all other provisions of this Chapter.
      (1)   Monument.
         (A)   Number.  One per street frontage.
         (B)   Area.  Not to exceed 36 square feet.
         (C)   Height.  Not to exceed four feet.
         (D)   Additional Regulations.  Ground signs shall be located in a landscaped planter with a minimum area equal to two times the area of the sign
      (2)   Wall Signs.
         (A)   Number.  One per building frontage facing a street
         (B)   Area.  The area of a wall sign shall not exceed two square feet for each lineal foot of building frontage.
      (3)   Canopy Signs.
         (A)   Number.  Two canopy signs per canopy.
         (B)   Area.  The area of a canopy sign shall not exceed eight square feet.
         (C)   Additional Regulations.  Canopy signs shall not extend beyond the gable or fascia board of the canopy.
      (4)   Service Island Signs.  One sign, not exceeding four square feet, shall be allowed on or in front of each end of a service island to identify methods of sale (i.e., self-serve or full-serve).
      (5)   Window Signs.
         (A)   Number.  One per window.
         (B)   Area.  Window signs shall not cover more than 25 percent of the window area.
      (6)   Service Station Product Price Signs.  Not to exceed 24 square feet in area per sign.  One such sign shall be allowed per street frontage.  Any additional sign area shall be calculated as part of the total sign area allowed by the land use district.
   (b)   Drive-In Restaurant Menu Board.  Drive-in restaurant menu boards, including those with speakers, shall be allowed provided each sign does not exceed 50 square feet. More than two of these signs shall not be allowed on each site.
   (c)   Garage Sales Signs.  Temporary signs for garage sales shall be allowed in compliance with Chapter 84.10 (Garage Sales).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4057, passed - - 2008)