§ 83.13.070  Temporary Signs.
   (a)   Temporary On-Site Signs.  The following signs shall be allowed as on-site signs in all land use zoning districts on a temporary basis:
      (1)   Temporary On-Site Realty Signs.
         (A)   On-site realty signs are temporary on-site signs that pertain to the sale, lease, rental, or display of parcels, structures, or facilities that exist or are in the process of being constructed or altered.
         (B)   On-site realty signs shall be allowed subject to the following height and area limitations:
            (I)   In land use zoning districts where on-site business signs are not allowed, the maximum area of an on-site realty sign shall be six square feet and the maximum height shall be five feet. These signs shall have a maximum height of four feet when placed within the front setback or side street setback areas.
            (II)   In land use zoning districts where on-site business signs are allowed, the maximum area for an on-site reality sign shall be 50 percent of the allowable area for the on-site business signs, but not more than 32 square feet. Allowed height for an on-site realty sign shall be the same as that allowed for an on-site business sign.
      (2)   Temporary On-Site Development Signs.  On-site development signs are temporary on-site signs that announce future activities and facilities to be located on the site, and that may identify the persons or firms engaged in the promotion, design, construction, or alteration of the facilities. On-site development signs shall be allowed in all land use zoning districts subject to the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit.
      (3)   Temporary On-Site Residential Development Signs.
         (A)   Temporary on-site residential development signs are for on-site advertisement of residential development projects.
         (B)   A maximum of three signs are allowed within the boundaries of the residential development project. These signs are to be located as follows: one at the entrance, and one at the exit of the residential development project, and one at the sales office site.
         (C)   Temporary on-site residential development signs shall only state the name of the developer, type of financing, price range, and the developer’s telephone number.
         (D)   Temporary on-site residential development signs may be located in front, side, or rear setbacks, but shall not be located closer than five feet from the edge of the planned right-of-way.
         (E)   Each individual sign structure shall have no more than 64 square feet of total sign area. The total square footage of the on-site signs shall not be more than 100 feet.
         (F)   Nonconforming signs on the proposed site shall be removed.
         (G)   An approved Temporary Use Permit may allow the use of flags or other alternate advertising displays, provided the conditions of approval specify the type, maximum area, maximum height, maximum number, minimum spacing, time limitation, and maintenance requirements for the alternate advertising displays.
         (H)   See also § 84.25.040(g)(3) (Temporary On-Your-Lot Builder Model Home/Sales Office).
      (4)   Temporary Banners and Flags.  Temporary banners and flags shall be allowed without a permit, subject to the owner maintaining the banners and flags in good condition, and subject to the following standards:  On-site banners and flags shall not exceed 15 feet in length or three feet in width.  Any banners or flags exceeding 15 feet in length or three feet in width shall be subject to a temporary use permit. Banners and flags shall be displayed on roof, wall, or fence areas only. Banners and flags shall be placed in a manner that will not obstruct the visibility of other signs or pose a safety hazard for drivers or pedestrians. The total number of banners or flags for each occupant shall not exceed one for each street frontage.  The maximum time period for display of a banner or flag shall be 60 days. Banners and flags advertising a special event shall be removed within five days following the event. Banners and flags propsed for display in the public right-of-way shall be subject to an encroachment permit.
         (A)   “Banana flags” shall not be allowed in the Crest Forest Community Plan area.
   (b)   Temporary Off-Site Signs.  The following signs shall be allowed in all land use zoning districts on a temporary basis:
      (1)   Temporary Off-Site Political Signs.
         (A)   A temporary off-site political sign is a sign that indicates any one or a combination of the following:
            (I)   The name or picture of an individual seeking election or appointment to a public office.
            (II)   Relates to an upcoming public election or referendum.
            (III)   Advocates a person’s, group’s, or party’s political views or policies.
         (B)   A temporary off-site political sign shall be allowed in any land use zoning district subject to the following limitations:
            (I)   Political signs shall be removed within 30 days after the election.
            (II)   Political signs shall have a maximum area of eight square feet in residential land use zoning districts, and 32 square feet in other land use zoning districts, unless the sign is an on-site sign (e.g., campaign headquarters, etc.) or is an off-site sign allowed by this Chapter.
            (III)   Political signs shall not be erected within a street intersection, clear sight triangle, or at a location where the sign may interfere with, obstruct the view of, or be confused with an authorized traffic sign.
            (IV)   Political signs shall not be nailed or affixed to a tree, fence post, or public utility pole and shall not be located in the public right-of-way, parkway, or on publicly owned land.
      (2)   Temporary Off-Site Residential Directional Signs.  Temporary off-site residential directional signs shall be used for identifying a housing project or a new apartment complex of five or more units. These signs shall be allowed in all land use zoning districts subject to a Sign Location Plan and the following provisions:
         (A)   The maximum height shall be eight feet.
         (B)   The top panel shall measure 60 inches by 16 inches and shall identify the County or the community where the sign is located.
         (C)   Each subsequent panel shall measure not less than 60 inches by ten inches and shall only specify the name of the development project and a directional arrow. A maximum of six advertising panels shall be allowed per sign.
         (D)   Colors for lettering and background and type of lettering shall be uniform for each community and shall be approved by the Director.
         (E)   Double wide sign structures may be installed at locations subject to the approval of the Director.
         (F)   In areas where it is not practical to install the standard sized sign, a small sign may be installed. The sign shall measure no more than 30 inches high and 30 inches wide. A maximum of two panels shall be used per sign.
         (G)   Temporary off-site residential directional signs shall be located at least 300 feet away from another off-site residential directional sign, unless it is determined by the Director that a closer spacing will better accomplish the intent of this Subdivision.
         (H)   Temporary off-site residential directional signs placed on private property shall receive written consent of the property owner that shall be filed with the Department before issuance of a permit. Signs placed in the public right-of-way shall require an Encroachment Permit from the Department.
         (I)   Temporary off-site residential directional signs shall be located away from a scenic highway or outside a Sign Control Overlay with a designation of SC[p] whenever possible. However, if a location is sufficiently justified, the maximum number of advertising panels shall be restricted to two.
         (J)   Temporary off-site residential directional signs shall not be allowed within clear sight triangles in compliance with § 83.02.030 (Clear Sight Triangles).
         (K)   There shall not be additions, tag signs, streamers, flags, devices, display boards, or appurtenances added to the sign as originally approved. Further, other directional signs shall not be used (e.g., posters, trailer signs, etc.).
         (L)   Nonconforming subdivision or apartment complex directional signs that are advertised under this Subdivision shall be removed before the issuance of a New Sign Permit. These signs may be removed by the County, with the cost of removal charged to the developer. Additional costs incurred by the County resulting from the removal of illegal signs shall also be charged to the developer.
         (M)   Signs shall not be illuminated
         (N)   Signs shall be maintained in a neat, clean, and orderly manner. Broken, damaged, or defaced signs shall be repaired within 30 days.
         (O)   Signs shall not obstruct the use of sidewalks, walkways, bike or multi-use trails.
         (P)   The County, and its officers and employees, shall be held free and harmless of costs, claims, and damages levied against them.
         (Q)   Temporary Weekend Signs. Small temporary signs may be placed during two or three day weekends on private property with the property owner’s permission or within the public right-of-way so long as the signs are requested from and placed by the County’s authorized administrator. These signs shall not be larger than 24 inches by 25 inches, and they shall be made of either plastic or cardboard, and shall be mounted with stakes that are either wood or metal. These signs shall not be erected earlier than 12 midnight on Friday and shall not be removed later than 12 midnight on Sunday. In the event of a three-day holiday, these signs may be erected no earlier than 12 midnight on Thursday, if the holiday falls on Friday, and shall not be removed later than 12 midnight on Monday, if the holiday falls on a Monday.
         (R)   An off-site residential directional sign program may be implemented and installed through the Building Industry Association (BIA) if an agreement is approved for the regulation and control between the County and the BIA. Directional signs erected through this program shall be regulated and installed in compliance with the agreement and approvals between the BIA and the County. The BIA shall not install new structures without express written consent of the Director.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4298, passed - -2016)