§ 83.13.040  Prohibited Signs.
   The following signs shall be prohibited in all land use zoning districts:
   (a)   Signs having animated, moving, or rotating parts, including signs that have alternating messages that change more than once every five seconds.
   (b)   Moveable or portable signs, including signs attached to or painted on trailers or vehicles parked on private property for the purpose of gaining unauthorized sign area.
   (c)   Signs that make sounds.
   (d)   Signs that obscure, imitate, or otherwise limit the effectiveness of official traffic control signs or devices.
   (e)   Signs that display statements or symbols of an obscene or immoral nature as to offend the public morals or decency.
   (f)   Tethered balloon(s) or other inflatable(s) used to draw attention to a use or event.
   (g)   Signs with flashing neon elements or signs with neon lighting on their support structures.
   (h)   Signs that are not effectively shielded to prevent beams or rays of light from being directed on the traveled way, or whose intensity or brilliance cause glare or impair the vision of the driver of a motor vehicle, or that otherwise interfere with drivers of motor vehicles.
   (i)   A beacon or searchlight, except for emergency purposes.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4298, passed - -2016)