§ 83.13.030  Sign Permits and Exemptions.
   (a)   Sign Permits.  No sign regulated by this chapter shall be erected without appropriate permits from the Land Use Services Department.  Signs shall be erected in compliance with the provisions of this Development Code and applicable specific plans.
   (b)   Sign Location Plan.  A sign location plan shall be required for subdivisions, and may be utilized to propose commercial sign programs in compliance with Chapter 85.13 (Sign Location Plans).
   (c)   Exempt Signs.  The following signs shall be exempt from the requirements of this Development Code and applicable specific plans:
      (1)   Signs, flags, banners, emblems, or notices issued or endorsed by a constituted governmental body, public agency, court, person, or officer in performance of a public duty, including traffic or highway signs, railroad crossing signs or similar regulatory or warning devices and legal notices.
      (2)   Holiday displays and decorations not to exceed 60 days.
      (3)   Signs, located inside a structure, courtyard, mall, or other similar structure, provided these signs are not conspicuously visible and readable from a public street or adjacent properties not under the same ownership.
      (4)   Utility company signs identifying conduits, cables, dangerous conditions, or providing other notices of this type.
      (5)   Memorial tablets or signs and historic markers.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4298, passed - -2016)