§ 83.11.050  Adjustments to Parking Requirements.
   (a)   Shared Parking Reduction.  Where two or more adjacent nonresidential uses have distinct and differing peak parking usage periods, (e.g. a theater and a bank), a reduction in the required number of parking spaces may be approved by the Commission based on the findings and recommendations of a parking study prepared by a qualified parking or traffic consultant. The amount of reduction may be up to the number of spaces required for the least intensive of the uses sharing the parking.
   (b)   Transportation Control Measures.  Parking requirements may be adjusted in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 83.14 (Transportation Control Measures). An approved Conditional Use Permit/Minor Use Permit (Chapter 85.06) may authorize adjustments to parking requirement not to exceed individually or cumulatively ten percent of the total required parking spaces, as depicted in Table 83-16.
Table 83-16
Transportation Control Measures
Transportation Control Measure
Parking Credit
(Cumulative Maximum Credit = 10 percent of Required Parking Spaces)
Car pool space (9 ft. x 19 ft.)
1 car pool space = 2 spaces
Bus ridership
2 riders = 1 space(1)
Motorcycle spaces (4 ft. x 8 ft.)
2 motorcycle spaces = 1 space(2)
Boat slips on waterfront
1 slip = 1 space
(1)   Bus stop shall be within 1,320 feet of the proposed use with a path of travel from the bus stop to the facility that complies with disabled access requirements.
(2)   Motorcycle stalls shall be on concrete and have a permanent tie-down ring.
   (c)   Landscaping in Lieu of Parking Spaces.  In compliance with § 83.10.060 (Landscape Area Requirements), landscaping may be provided in lieu of ten percent of the total number of parking spaces required, provided the landscaping is arranged so that parking may be installed at a later date if a demand arises, and further provided, that the owner agrees to provide parking at the request of the reviewing agency.
   (d)   Variance.  Other than changes to parking requirements provided for in this Section, a Minor Variance or a Variance in compliance with Chapter 85.17 (Variances) shall be required for any change to a parking requirement.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)