§ 83.11.030  General Parking Provisions.
   (a)   Location.  The required parking spaces shall be located on the same site with the primary use or structure, on premises contiguous to them, or in a location conforming to a Site Plan approved in compliance with Chapter 85.08 (Site Plan Permits). Property within the ultimate right-of-way of a street or highway shall not be used to provide required parking or loading facilities. Parking shall not be allowed in the front yard setback other than in the driveway for a single-family residential use or within a driveway in a multi-family development that is specifically designed for and has sufficient length to provide off-street parking for a specific dwelling unit.
   (b)   Change in Use.  When the occupancy or use of a property is changed to a different use, parking to meet the requirements of this Chapter shall be provided for the new use or occupancy. In the case of an infill multi-family or affordable (income-restricted) residential development, a Minor Use Permit may be used to review and approve any additional parking required that is a result of the change in use.
   (c)   Increase in Use.  When the occupancy or use of a premises is altered, enlarged, expanded, or intensified, additional parking to meet the requirements of this Chapter shall be provided for the enlarged, expanded, altered, or intensified portion only.
   (d)   Two or More Uses.  Where two or more uses are located in a single structure or on a single parcel, required parking shall be provided for each specific use (i.e., the total parking required for an establishment that has both industrial and office uses shall be determined by computing the parking for the industrial use and the office use and then adding the two requirements together.)
   (e)   Parking and Loading Spaces to Be Permanent.  Parking and loading spaces shall be permanently available, marked and maintained for parking or loading purposes for the use they are intended to serve. The Director may approve the temporary reduction of parking or loading spaces in conjunction with a seasonal or intermittent use with the approval of a Temporary Use Permit issued in compliance with Chapter 85.15.
   (f)   Parking and Loading to Be Unrestricted.  Owners, lessees, tenants, or persons having control of the operation of a premises for which parking or loading spaces are required by this Chapter shall not prevent, prohibit or restrict authorized persons from using these spaces without prior approval of the Director.
   (g)   Use of Parking Area for Activities Other than Parking.  Required off-street parking, circulation, and access areas shall be used exclusively for the temporary parking and maneuvering of vehicles and shall not be used for the sale, lease, display, repair, or storage of vehicles, trailers, boats, campers, mobile homes, merchandise, or equipment, or for any other use not authorized by the provisions of this Code.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)