§ 83.10.060  Landscape Area Requirements.
   (a)   General Requirements.
      (1)   Setbacks.  Setback and open space areas required by this Development Code shall be landscaped based on the requirements of this Chapter, except the portion where a sidewalk or driveway occur in the required setback.  Required setbacks that are screened from public view in commercial and industrial zones, and are not adjacent to residentially-zoned property, are exempt from the provisions of this Chapter.
      (2)   Unused Areas.  Areas of a project site not intended for a specific use shall be landscaped based on the requirements of this Chapter, unless exempt in compliance with § 83.10.030 (Exemptions from the Landscaping Requirements).
      (3)   Parking Areas.  Parking areas shall be landscaped in compliance with Chapter 83.11 (Landscape Requirements for Parking Areas) and the water-efficient landscaping requirements of this Chapter.  Areas dedicated to parking lots shall not be counted as part of the total lot area needed when computing the minimum landscaped area in compliance with Table 83-12, nor shall the parking lot landscaping be counted as part of the minimum landscaping required.
      (4)   Minimum Area.  Projects specified in § 83.10.020 (Applicability) shall provide and maintain landscaped areas in compliance with Table 83-12 (Minimum Landscaped Area).  No landscaped area having a width of less than five feet shall be considered in the minimum landscaping requirement.
Table 83-12
Minimum Landscaped Area
Land Use
Minimum Landscape Area
The factor resulting in the larger landscaped area shall be used.
As a  Percentage of Lot Area
Area in Sq. Ft.
Front and street side setbacks
   Multi-Family (4 or more units)
40 percent
15 percent
20 percent
20 percent
20 percent
   (b)   Area Increase in Lieu of Parking Spaces.  In addition to required landscaping areas, landscaping may be provided in lieu of 10 percent of the total number of parking spaces required, provided the landscaping is arranged so that parking may be installed at a later date if a demand arises, and further provided, that the owner agrees to provide parking at the request of the reviewing agency.
   (c)   Variation of Area Coverage in Planned Developments.  Variation of landscape coverage may be allowed for individual parcels within planned developments established in compliance with Chapter 85.10 (Planned Development Permits) when the development as a whole meets the required coverage and the landscape documentation package is consistent with the purpose and water-efficient requirements of this Chapter.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4043, passed - -2008; Am. Ord. 4136, passed - -2011)