§ 83.10.030  Exemptions from the Landscaping Requirements.
   The following projects shall be exempt from landscaping requirements:
   (a)   Those properties that have been registered as local, State, and/or Federally historical sites.
   (b)   Undisturbed portions of residential subdivisions, such as areas which are to remain natural for native plant protection and/or management, for the protection of a wildlife corridor, or for other natural resource management approach, all of which will not require supplemental water or the approval as a viable landscape by the Director.
   (c)   Undisturbed portions of nonresidential project sites.
   (d)   Those properties that are currently in agricultural production are exempt from the requirements of this Chapter.  Commercial agriculture production requiring more intense water usage shall be subject to separate water efficiency standards as regulated by the State of California and local water resource agencies.
   (e)   Those properties that are part of an ecological restoration project(s) and do not require the use of a permanent irrigation system.
   (f)   Those properties that are part of a mined-land reclamation project(s) and do not require the use a permanent irrigation system.
   (g)   Those plant collections, as part of botanical gardens and arboretums that are open to the public.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4136, passed - -2011)