§ 83.06.060  Special Wall and Fencing Requirements.
   (a)   Swimming Pools, Spas, and Similar Features.  Swimming pools, spas, and other similar features shall be fenced in compliance with the California Building Code.
   (b)   Outdoor Equipment, Storage, and Work Areas.  Screening of outdoor uses and equipment and activities shall be provided in compliance with § 83.02.060 (Screening and Buffering).
   (c)   Temporary Fencing.  Temporary fencing may be necessary to protect archaeological or historic resources and/or trees during site preparation and construction. Temporary fencing for these purposes shall be subject to the approval of the Director.
   (d)   Walls along Rights-of-way.
      (1)   Walls shall be constructed of decorative concrete or masonry materials up to six feet in height.
      (2)   Aesthetic appeal as well as structural integrity shall be considered when designing the wall.
      (3)   The design shall include an appropriate mix of materials and landscaping subject to the approval of the Director.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)