§ 83.05.040  Dedication and Installation of Trail Right-of-Way.
   (a)   Dedications Required by Approved Plans or Ordinances.  Before final inspection of structures, the dedication of a trail right-of-way may, at the discretion of the Director, be required to comply with the General Plan, an adopted specific plan, or the provisions of any specific ordinance that has established a future right-of-way line.
   (b)   Dedications Required in Absence of Approved Plans or Ordinances.  Where approved plans or ordinances do not exist, the required dedications may be required for specific plans and planned development projects and shall be as follows:
      (1)   Proposed development adjacent to trail systems may be required to dedicate land for trail access points, as determined by the Director.
      (2)   The dedication or offers of dedication of trail easements where appropriate may be required for establishing a planned trails system alignment or where an established trail is jeopardized by impending development.
   (c)   Development Standards.
      (1)   To ensure application of uniform design standards and to promote the safety of trail users and their enjoyment of the trails system, the Director shall apply the County Trail Use and Design Guidelines. These standards are intended to serve as a general guide, and may at times be superseded by standards of managing agencies other than San Bernardino County (e.g., U.S. Forest Service standards). Standards may vary depending on the proposed use and operation of the trail; more detailed standards for specific trails may be developed at the time specific siting and planning for a trail link is completed.
      (2)   The scenic corridor on either side of a proposed trail route, measured from the outside edge of the right-of-way, trail, or path shall be identified. Development along the scenic corridor shall be compatible with existing scenic qualities.
      (3)   Signage shall indicate approved off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails or access areas and shall notify where OHV use is prohibited.
   (d)   Delayed Improvements. Delayed improvements may be allowed in compliance with § 83.05.060 (Delayed Improvements).
   (e)   Waiver of Public Works Requirements.  A waiver of the Public Works Department requirements may be allowed in compliance with § 83.05.070(Waiver or Modification of Dedication and/or Street Improvement Requirements).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)