§ 83.03.110  Control of Resale.
   In order to maintain the availability of for-sale affordable housing units constructed in compliance with this Chapter, the following resale conditions shall apply.
   (a)   Limits on Resale Price.  The price received by the seller of an affordable unit shall be limited to the purchase price plus an increase based on the Consumer Price Index, an amount consistent with the increase in the median income since the date of purchase, or the fair market value, whichever is less. Before offering an affordable housing unit for sale, the seller shall provide written notice to the County of their intent to sell. The notice shall be provided by certified mail to the Director.
   (b)   Units to Be Offered to the County.  Home ownership affordable units constructed, offered for sale, or sold under the requirements of this Section shall be offered to the County or its assignee for a period of at least 90 days from the date of the notice of intent to sell is delivered to the County by the first purchaser or subsequent purchasers. Home ownership affordable units shall be sold and resold from the date of the original sale only to households as determined to be eligible for affordable units by the County in compliance with this Section. The seller shall not levy or charge any additional fees nor shall any “finders fee” or other monetary consideration be allowed other than customary real estate commissions and closing costs.
   (c)   Declaration of Restrictions. The owners of any affordable unit shall attach and legally reference in the grant deed conveying title of the affordable ownership unit a declaration of restrictions provided by the County, stating the restrictions imposed in compliance with this Section. The grant deed shall afford the grantor and the County the right to enforce the declaration of restrictions. The declaration of restrictions shall include all applicable resale controls, occupancy restrictions, and prohibitions required by this Section.
   (d)   County to Monitor Resale of Units.  The County shall monitor the resale of ownership affordable units. The County or its designee shall have a 90-day option to commence purchase of ownership affordable units after the owner gives notification of intent to sell. Any abuse in the resale provisions shall be referred to the County for appropriate action.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)