§ 83.02.060  Screening and Buffering.
   This Section provides standards for the screening and buffering of adjoining land uses, equipment, and outdoor storage areas, and surface parking areas. Multi-family and nonresidential land uses shall comply with the requirements of this Section.
   (a)   Screening Between Different Land Uses.
      (1)   An opaque screen consisting of plant material, a minimum of ten feet in width, and a solid masonry wall, a minimum of six feet in height, shall be installed along parcel boundaries whenever a commercial, institutional or industrial development adjoins a residential land use zoning district.
      (2)   The maximum height of walls shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 83.06 (Fences, Hedges, and Walls).
      (3)   The walls shall be architecturally treated or landscaped on both sides to avoid the appearance of unfinished precision block, subject to the approval of the Director.
      (4)   Minimum sizes of plant materials shall conform to the requirements in § 83.10.070(d) (Landscape Standards Minimum Sizes of Plant Materials).
Figure 83-2 Screening and Buffering
   (b)   Mechanical Equipment, Loading Docks, and Refuse Areas.
      (1)   Roof or ground mounted mechanical equipment (e.g., air conditioning, heating, ventilation ducts and exhaust, etc.), loading docks, refuse storage areas, and utility services shall be screened from public view from adjoining public streets and rights-of-way and surrounding area(s) zoned for residential or open space uses.
      (2)   The method of screening shall be architecturally compatible with other on-site development in terms of colors, materials, and architectural style.
      (3)   Landscaping shall be installed adjacent to the walls at the discretion of the Director.
   (c)   Outdoor Storage Areas.
      (1)   The use of outdoor areas for storage purposes shall be subject to the following standards:
         (A)   Outside storage areas shall be screened with a solid sight-obscuring wall not less than six feet nor more than eight feet in height, of a type and design approved by the Director. The wall shall include sight-obscuring gates. The wall and gate(s) shall be continuously maintained in good repair.
         (B)   Stored materials shall be kept below the level of the fence or other screening mechanism.
         (C)   Site operations in conjunction with outdoor storage, including the loading and unloading of materials and equipment, shall be conducted entirely within a walled area.
         (D)   Exterior storage shall comply with Title 3 (Health and Sanitation and Animal Regulations) of the County Code.
      (2)   Incidental outdoor storage shall be allowed, subject to the above standards.  Outdoor storage categorized as a primary land use shall be subject to the applicable permitting requirements identified in Division 2 (Land Use Zoning Districts and Allowed Land Uses) and the above standards.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4085, passed - -2009)