§ 83.02.030  Clear Sight Triangles.
   (a)   View Obstructions.  Adequate visibility for vehicular and pedestrian traffic shall be provided at clear sight triangles at all 90 degree angle intersections of public rights-of-way and private driveways.
      (1)   Prohibited.  The following shall be prohibited within a clear sight triangle:
         (A)   Monument signs.
         (B)   Hedges or shrubbery.
      (2)   Maximum Height Requirements.  The following shall not be erected, placed, planted, or allowed to grow over 30 inches in height above the nearest street curb elevation within a clear sight triangle:
         (A)   Fences and walls.
         (B)   Signs.
         (C)   Structures.
         (D)   Mounds of earth.
         (E)   Other visual obstructions.
      (3)   Exceptions.  The requirements for clear sight triangles shall not apply to:
         (A)   Traffic safety devices.
         (B)   Trees trimmed to eight feet above the adjoining curb.
         (C)   Utility poles.
         (D)   Other government or utility installed/maintained devices allowed by this Development Code.
         (E)   Freestanding sign when the lower edge of the sign face is at least eight feet above grade and when there are no more than two posts or columns, each with a maximum width or diameter of 12 inches, supporting the sign.
   (b)   Dimensions and Location.  Clear sight triangles are right triangles that shall be measured as follows:
      (1)   The 90-degree angle is formed by the intersection of either:
         (A)   The intersection of the edges of two roadways as measured at the edge of their ultimate planned right-of-way; or
         (B)   The intersection of the edge of a private driveway or alley and the edge of the ultimate planned right-of-way of an intersecting roadway.
      (2)   The two 45-degree angles of a clear sight triangle shall each be located as follows (See Figure 83-1):
         (A)   Roadway intersections - 30 feet from the roadway intersection.
         (B)   Private driveway or alleyway - ten feet from the intersection.
Figure 83-1 Clear Sight Triangles
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)