§ 83.01.100  Waste Disposal.
   (a)   Liquid Waste Disposal and Runoff Control.  No liquids of any kind shall be discharged into a public or private sewage or drainage system, watercourse, body of water, or into the ground, except in compliance with applicable regulations of the County Code, Title 23 (Waters) of the California Code of Regulations, the California Water Code, and related Federal regulations.
   (b)   Hazardous Waste.  Refer to Chapter 84.11 (Hazardous Waste Facilities) for regulations relative to hazardous waste facilities.
   (c)   Solid Waste Disposal. Refer to Chapter 84.24 (Solid Waste/Recyclable Materials Storage) for regulations relative to solid waste disposal.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)