§ 83.01.040  Air Quality.
   (a)   Equipment Permit and Inspection Requirements.  Required permits shall be obtained from either the Mojave Air Pollution Management District or the South Coast Air Quality Management District depending on the location of the subject property and equipment for equipment that may cause air pollution. Before the equipment may be constructed, plans and specifications shall be submitted to the appropriate District for approval   
   (b)   Permits from Air Quality Management Districts.  Permits shall be obtained from either the Mojave Air Pollution Management District or the South Coast Air Quality Management District depending on the location of the subject property and equipment. If requested by the Director, uses, activities, or processes that require Air Quality Management District approval to operate shall file a copy of the permit with the Department within 30 days of its approval.
   (c)   Diesel Exhaust Emissions Control Measures. The following emissions control measures shall apply to all discretionary land use projects approved by the County on or after January 15, 2009:
      (1)   On-Road Diesel Vehicles.  On-road diesel vehicles are regulated by the State of California Air Resources Board.
      (2)   Off-Road Diesel Vehicle/Equipment Operations.  All business establishments and contractors that use off-road diesel vehicle/equipment as part of their normal business operations shall adhere to the following measures during their operations in order to reduce diesel particulate matter emissions from diesel-fueled engines:
         (A)   Off-road vehicles/equipment shall not be left idling on site for periods in excess of five minutes. The idling limit does not apply to:
            (I)   Idling when queuing;
            (II)   Idling to verify that the vehicle is in safe operating condition;
            (III)   Idling for testing, servicing, repairing or diagnostic purposes;
            (IV)   Idling necessary to accomplish work for which the vehicle was designed (such as operating a crane);
            (V)   Idling required to bring the machine system to operating temperature; and
            (VI)   Idling necessary to ensure safe operation of the vehicle.
         (B)   Use reformulated ultra low-sulfur diesel fuel in equipment and use equipment certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or that pre-dates EPA regulations.
         (C)   Maintain engines in good working order to reduce emissions.
         (D)   Signs shall be posted requiring vehicle drivers to turn off engines when parked.
         (E)   Any requirements or standards subsequently adopted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District or the California Air Resources Board.
         (F)   Provide temporary traffic control during all phases of construction.
         (G)   On-site electrical power connections shall be provided for electric construction tools to eliminate the need for diesel-powered electric generators, where feasible.
         (H)   Maintain construction equipment engines in good working order to reduce emissions. The developer shall have each contractor certify that all construction equipment is properly serviced and maintained in good operating condition.
         (I)   Contractors shall use ultra low sulfur diesel fuel for stationary construction equipment as required by Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rules 431.1 and 431.2 to reduce the release of undesirable emissions.
         (J)   Substitute electric and gasoline-powered equipment for diesel-powered equipment, where feasible.
       (3)   Project Design. Distribution centers, warehouses, truck stops and other facilities with loading docks where diesel trucks may reside overnight or for periods in excess of three hours shall be designed to enable any vehicle using these facilities to utilize on-site electrical connections to power the heating and air conditioning of the cabs of such trucks, and any refrigeration unit(s) of any trailer being pulled by the trucks, instead of operating the diesel engines and diesel refrigeration units of such trucks and trailers for these purposes.  This requirement shall also apply to Recreational Vehicle Parks (as defined in § 810.01.200(k) of this title) and other development projects where diesel engines may reasonably be expected to operate on other than an occasional basis.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4065, passed - -2008)