§ 83.01.020  Applicability.
   (a)   New and Existing Uses in All Land Use Zoning Districts.  The provisions of this Chapter apply to all new and existing uses in all land use zoning districts. The standards of this Chapter elaborate upon and otherwise augment the development standards specified for individual land use zoning districts in Division 2 (Land Use Zoning Districts and Allowed Land Uses) and in Division 4 (Standards for Specific Land Uses and Activities).
   (b)   Compliance of Alterations or Modifications. Uses of the land that existed on the effective date of this Division shall not be altered or modified so as to conflict with, or further conflict with, these standards.
   (c)   Evidence of Compliance with Standards.  If requested by the Director or the Review Authority, applicants shall provide evidence to the Director that the proposed development is in compliance with the standards in this Division and other applicable standards in this Development Code before the issuance of a Building Permit or business license.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)