§ 82.23.020  Adopted Community Plans.
   (a)   Available for Review.  All adopted Community Plans are available for review at the Department and are posted on the Department web page (www.sbcounty.gov/landuseservices).
   (b)   Adopted Plans.  The following symbols appear as a prefix on the land use zoning district maps to identify the various community plan areas that have been adopted by the Board:
      (1)   Valley Community Plans:
         (A)   Bloomington - BL
         (B)   Muscoy - MS
      (2)   Mountain Community Plans:
         (A)   Bear Valley - BV
         (B)   Crest Forest - CF
         (C)   Hilltop - HT
         (D)   Lake Arrowhead - LA
         (E)   Lytle Creek - LC
         (F)   Oak Glen - OG
      (3)   Desert Community Plans:
         (A)   Homestead Valley - HV
         (B)   Joshua Tree - JT
         (C)   Lucerne Valley - LV
         (D)   Morongo Valley - MV
         (E)   Oak Hills - OH
         (F)   Phelan/Pinon Hills - PH
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)