§ 82.18.030  Development Standards.
   When a land use application or development permit is proposed within the NH Overlay, the following standards shall apply with respect to residential uses:
   (a)   Acoustical Report Required.  Noise levels shall be identified.  An acoustical report shall be performed to identify noise impact.  Any recommendation for noise attenuation or other mitigation measures shall be incorporated into the design standards or conditions of approval as applicable.
   (b)   Interior Noise Levels.  Interior noise levels in all single-family and multi-family residences and educational institutions shall not exceed 45 dBA Ldn emanating from sources outside of the residential building.
   (c)   Exterior Noise Levels.  Exterior noise levels in all single-family residential land use areas and multi-family residential land use areas should not exceed 65 dBA Ldn.  Exterior noise levels shall not exceed 70 dBA Ldn for any residential use areas.  Ability to mitigate exterior noises to the levels of 65 dBA Ldn and 70 dBA Ldn shall be considered by the review authority when determining the actual Ldn level with which the land uses must comply.
   (d)   Noise Mitigation Measures.  In areas where noise exceeds the noise standard, measures shall be taken to mitigate noise levels.  An acoustical report identifying these mitigation measures shall be required and reviewed by the Environmental Health Services Division before issuance of any required development permits or approval of land use applications.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)