§ 82.17.040  Development Standards.
   (a)   MR Overlays shall be free from any land use that is incompatible with mining activity.
   (b)   When mining activity ceases, the landowner and/or mining company shall be responsible for the reclamation of the site.
   (c)   Reclamation shall include but not be limited to the reasonable mitigation or elimination of residual hazards.
   (d)   Incompatible land uses shall be suitably buffered from mining activity.  Appropriate transition measures shall be taken in order to insure compatibility between mining activity and surrounding land uses.
   (e)   Non-mining projects located within the MR Overlay may be approved only if the following finding is made in the affirmative:  Even though the project may otherwise be determined to be incompatible with mineral resource protection policies, conditions of approval shall be applied to minimize potential conflicts with these policies.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)