§ 82.16.030  Development Standards.
   (a)   Review Procedures Include State and County Processes.  The types of applications required for local evaluation of a specified hazardous waste facility proposal include both discretionary and ministerial permits.  The required permits or processes include:
      (1)   A General Plan Amendment to apply the HW Overlay to the proposed site and respective buffer.
      (2)   A Conditional Use Permit in compliance with Chapter 85.06 (Conditional Use Permit and Minor Use Permit).
      (3)   A Special Use Permit issued by the San Bernardino County Fire Department, which shall be required as a condition of approval of the Conditional Use Permit.
      (4)   Ministerial Permits from the Building and Safety Division for building, grading, flood control, etc..
      For a complete discussion of the local application review process, refer to § 5.3.3 and Table 5-4 of Chapter 5 of the San Bernardino County Hazardous Waste Management Plan.
   (b)   Compatible land uses.  The following list of use classifications may be compatible with a hazardous waste facility depending on the risk assessment and are allowed within a HW Overlay.
      (1)   Contract/Construction Services.
      (2)   Manufacturing Operations I & II.
      (3)   Open Lot Services I & II.
      (4)   Repair Services I, II & III.
      (5)   Salvage Services I and II.
      (6)   Transportation Services I & II.
      (7)   Wholesale/Warehouse Services I & II.
   (c)   Prohibited Land Uses.  The following uses are specifically prohibited from the HW Overlay:
      (1)   Agricultural uses of any type.
      (2)   Residential uses of any type.
      (3)   Facilities with a high concentration of people/immobile population, including schools, hospitals, auditoriums, amphitheaters, jails, etc.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)