§ 82.13.040  Application Requirements.
   (a)   Notice of Planning Application or Building Permit.  A notice of each planning application and/or building and safety building permit, that would lead to the construction of one or more structures or the subdivision of land within the FS Overlay shall be sent to the responsible Fire Authority for comment.
   (b)   Review Authorities.  Each proposed land use application that would lead to the construction or expansion of a structure or the subdivision of land shall be submitted to the responsible Fire Authority and the appropriate Natural Resources Conservation Service Office of the United States Department of Agriculture for review and recommendation. Any recommendations received shall be indicated in any staff report and/or presentation for the proposed development and shall be incorporated into project conditions of approval where possible.
   (c)   Fuel Modification Plan.  Each project application shall include a fuel modification plan describing the fuel modification area required in § 82.13.050(l) below. The plan may be submitted as a preliminary and final plan. A preliminary and/or final plan shall be submitted concurrently with the development application to the Department of Land Use Services for review in conjunction with the project design review. Final plans shall be reviewed and approved by the responsible Fire Authority.  The fuel modification plan shall address the standards in § 82.13.050(l) below, and the following factors:
      (1)   The natural ungraded slope of the land within the project and in the areas adjacent to the project;
      (2)   Fuel loading;
      (3)   Access to the project and access directly to the fuel-modified area;
      (4)   The on-site availability of water that can be used for fire-fighting purposes;
      (5)   The continual maintenance of the fuel-modified areas;
      (6)   The soil erosion and sediment control measures to alleviate permanent scarring and accelerated erosion; and
      (7)   A list of recommended landscape plant materials that are fire resistant.
   (d)   Subdivisions.  When 25 percent or more of a subdivision project site involving five or more lots is located on natural slopes greater than 30 percent, the subdivision application shall be submitted concurrently with a planned development application to evaluate appropriate project design in consideration of topographic limitations of the site. This provision shall not apply if all of the areas on the site with natural ungraded slopes over 30 percent are permanently restricted from structural development. Each subdivision application shall include the following slope analysis information:
      (1)   A topographic map of the proposed project area and all adjoining properties within 150 feet at a scale of not less than one-inch to 200 feet. The contour interval shall not be more than two feet except that the contour interval may be five feet if the general natural ungraded slope is more than 10 percent. Contour lines shall be obtained by aerial or field survey, done under the supervision of a licensed land surveyor or registered engineer.
      (2)   The natural, ungraded, slope categories to be computed are: zero percent to less than 15 percent; 15 percent to less than 30 percent; 30 percent to less than 40 percent; and 40 percent and greater. The minimum area (polygon) used for slope calculation shall be 5,000 square feet.
      (3)   The area, in acres, shall be tabulated for each category.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4098, passed - -2010; Am. Ord. 4334, passed - -2017)