§ 82.11.030  Application Requirements.
   When a land use is proposed, or an existing land use is increased by more than 25 percent of disturbed area within a BR Overlay, the land use application shall include a biotic resources report prepared as follows, except where the Director finds that prior environmental studies approved by the County have determined that the site does not contain viable habitat.
   (a)   Report Content.  The biotic resources report shall identify all biotic resources located on the site and those on adjacent parcels that could be impacted by the proposed development, and shall also identify mitigation measures designed to reduce or eliminate impacts to the identified resources, and shall be submitted along with the application for the proposed development.
   (b)   Report Preparation.  The biotic resources report shall be prepared by an appropriate expert such as a qualified biologist, botanist, herpetologist, or other professional “life scientist.” See § 82.11.050 for qualification requirements.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)