§ 82.09.050  Review Procedures.
   (a)   Public Hearing.  In addition to all other requirements of this Development Code that require a public hearing before a decision on a land use application, public hearing review is also required when a proposed use is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Land Use Compatibility criteria of the applicable Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
   (b)   Required Findings.  The approval of a land use application for a proposed expansion, revision, or establishment of airport or heliport facilities within an Airport Safety Review Area shall require that the review authority first find that the proposal is consistent with the General Plan, and the findings, development standards and review procedures of this Chapter.
   (c)   Land Use Approval.  Land use approval for any project found to be inconsistent with an adopted Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan shall be reviewed and acted upon by the Board in the form of a minute order or resolution, in compliance with Public Utilities Code § 21661.5, and the State Department of Transportation shall be provided a copy of the minute order or resolution.
   (d)   Conditions of Approval.  Any requirements resulting from project review in compliance with this Section shall be incorporated into the project design and conditions of approval.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)