§ 82.02.020  General Requirements for Development and New Land Uses.
   Each land use and/or structure shall be established, constructed, reconstructed, altered, moved or replaced in compliance with the following requirements.
   (a)   Allowed Use.  The land use shall be allowed by this Development Code in the land use zoning district applied to the site.  The basis for determining whether a use is allowed is described in § 82.02.030 (Allowed Land Uses and Planning Permit Requirements). 
   (b)   Permit and Approval Requirements.  Any planning permit or other approval required by § 82.02.030 (Allowed Land Uses and Planning Permit Requirements) shall be obtained before the issuance of any required grading, building, or other construction permit, and before the proposed use is constructed, otherwise established or put into operation, unless the proposed use is listed in § 82.02.040 (Exemptions from Planning Permit Requirements).
   (c)   Development Standards, Conditions of Approval.  Each land use and structure shall comply with the development standards of this Division, applicable standards and requirements in Division 3 (Countywide Development Standards), and Division 4 (Standards for Specific Land Uses and Activities), and any applicable conditions imposed by a previously granted planning permit.
   (d)   Legal Parcel.  The site of a proposed development or new land use shall be a parcel that was legally created in compliance with the Subdivision Map Act and Division 7 (Subdivisions).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)