§ 82.01.030  Overlays.
   (a)   Purpose.  The overlays established by § 82.01.020 (Land Use Plan and Land Use Zoning Districts), and detailed in Chapters 82.13 through 82.19 are intended to guide development within the overlays by providing standards that apply to proposed development in addition to the standards and regulations of the primary land use zoning district, where important community, site, environmental, safety, compatibility, or design issues require particular attention in project planning.  The overlays are shown in Table 82-2.
   (b)   Purpose of Individual Overlays.  The purpose of each overlay is described in Chapters 82.07 through 82.22.
   (c)   Mapping of Overlays.  The applicability of one or more overlays to a specific site is shown by the overlay district symbol established by Chapter 82.01 (Land Use Plan, Land Use Zoning Districts, and Overlays), being appended as a suffix to the symbol for the primary land use zoning district on the Land Use Plan.  Overlays are applied to property through the amendment process in Chapter 86.12 (Amendments).
   (d)   Allowed Land Uses, Permit Requirements, Development Standards.  Except as may be otherwise provided by this Division for a specific overlay:
      (1)   Any land use normally allowed in the primary land use zoning district by this Division may be allowed within a overlay, subject to any additional requirements of the overlay;
      (2)   Development and new land uses within a overlay shall obtain the planning approvals required by this Division for the primary land use zoning district; and
      (3)   Development and new land uses within an overlay shall comply with all applicable development standards of the primary land use zoning district, the standards established for the specific overlay by Chapters 82.13 through 82.19, and all other applicable provisions of this Development Code (e.g., Division 3 - Site Planning and General Development Standards).  In the event of any conflict between an overlay requirement and a primary land use zoning district requirement, the most restrictive shall control.
Table 82-2
Overlay Symbol
Overlay Name
Applicable Development Code Chapter/Section
Additional Agriculture
Agricultural Preserve
Airport Safety
Alternate Housing
Biotic Resources
Cultural Resources Preservation
Fire Safety
Flood Plain Safety
Geologic Hazard
Hazardous Waste
Mineral Resources
Noise Hazard
Open Space
Paleontologic Resources
Scenic Resources
Sign Control
Sphere Standards
   (1)   Included as a suffix to the land use designation on the Land Use Zoning District Maps.
   (2)   Not included on the Land Use Zoning District Map, but a separate map.
   (3)   Only applied to the city sphere of influence area designated in Chapter 82.22.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4057, passed - - 2008; Am. Ord. 4098, passed - -2010)