§ 32.0301   Definitions.
   For the purpose of this Chapter, the following definitions shall be used:
   BOARDING AND BREEDING KENNEL.  A kennel in which dogs are kept for boarding, breeding, training, marketing, or other purposes.
   BOARDING KENNEL.  A kennel in which dogs owned by persons other than the kennel owner/operator are being cared for.
   BREEDING KENNEL.  A kennel in which dogs are kept for the primary purpose of breeding.
   COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER.  The San Bernardino County Health Officer or any other person duly authorized to act on his or her behalf.
   DOG.  A domesticated animal of the canine type; young animals (puppies) of this type are considered as dogs.
   KENNEL.  A place where five or more dogs over four months of age are kept. The term KENNEL shall not apply to animal shelters operated by governmental agencies, or nonprofit societies for the care of stray dogs nor shall the term apply to veterinary hospitals keeping animals in the course of medical treatment.
(Ord. 1093, passed - -1963; Am. Ord. 1455, passed - -1968; Am. Ord. 3908, passed - -2004)