§ 32.0103   Disposition of Impounded Animals.
   (a)    An impounded animal may be redeemed by payment of a specified shelter fee in addition to the daily charges and other charges, if any, for each day the animal has been impounded, pursuant to the San Bernardino County Code Schedule of Fees.
   (b)   Any dog over the age of four months that has been impounded shall not be released from the pound, or from any shelter that is under contract with the County of San Bernardino, unless it shall first be licensed in accordance with the provisions of this Code.
   (c)   Any officer acting under the provisions of this Code and impounding a licensed dog or otherwise identifiable animal, shall give notice of the impounding of the animal in person or by first class mail, postage prepaid, to the last known address of the owner.  If the animal is not redeemed and the owner or possessor does not pay the license fee, obtain a license tag, and pay the fees required as specified in this Code after notice has been given, the officer shall destroy or dispose of such animal.
   (d)   In accordance with Food and Agricultural Code, §§ 30503(c) (dogs: spay/neuter), 31108(b) (impounded dog) and 31752(b) (cats: spay/ neuter) in which the County is authorized to release any stray dog or cat that is impounded prior to it being euthanized to an animal rescue group that has entered into an agreement with the County, the adoption fee and spay/neuter deposit shall be waived on said animal and authority is given to the Health Officer to enter into such agreements.
(Ord. 962, passed - -1961; Am. Ord. 1753, passed - -1972; Am. Ord. 1764, passed - -1972; Am. Ord. 3804, passed - -2000)