§ 88.01.040  Regulated Trees and Plants and General Permit.
   (a)   Regulated Trees and Plants.  A regulated tree or plant shall be any of the trees or plants identified in:
      (1)   Section 88.01.060(c) (Regulated Desert Native Plants);
      (2)   Section 88.01.070(b) (Regulated Trees); or
      (3)   Section 88.01.080(b) (Regulated Riparian Plants).
   (b)   Permit for Removal Required.  A Tree or Plant Removal Permit issued in compliance with section 88.01.050 (Tree or Plant Removal Requirements) shall be required for the removal of regulated trees and plants.
   (c)   Conditions of Approval.  The permits required by this Chapter may be subject to conditions imposed by the applicable review authority as identified in § 88.01.050(e) (Tree or Plant Removal Permits - Condition of approval).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4400, passed - -2021)