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§ 85.10.090 Planned Development Permit Amendments.
   (a)   Review Authority Action on Requested Changes. Any requested change in the Planned Development Permit, other than those allowed by Subdivision (c), below, shall be submitted to the review authority that originally approved the permit for review and approval following the same review notice and hearing procedures as required for the original approval.
   (b)   Added Conditions. The review authority may, as a condition of approval, impose added changes or conditions to the Planned Development Permit amendment as it deems reasonable and necessary to carry out the purpose and intent of the original Planned Development Permit and this Chapter.
   (c)   Minor Changes by Director. Minor changes in the Planned Development Permit that do not involve an increase in structure area, an increase in the number of dwelling units, or a change of use may be approved by the Director in compliance with § 86.06.070 (Changes to an Approved Project).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)