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§ 85.10.070 Development Plans.
   (a)   Detailed Development Plan Required. A detailed site plan or development plan shall be submitted with all Planned Development Permit proposals. All development plans shall contain sufficient detail to depict the manner in which the proposed development complies with the purpose and provisions of this Chapter.
   (b)   Planned Development Permit Requests for Large Projects. Planned Development Permit requests for mixed-use projects or projects with more than 500 dwelling units may be submitted in two stages.
      (1)   Preliminary Development Plan (PDP). The first stage shall be referred to as a Preliminary Development Plan.
      (2)   Final Development Plan (FDP). The second stage shall be referred to as a Final Development Plan.
      (3)   Definition of Plans. Preliminary Development Plans and Final Development Plans are defined in the following manner:
         (A)   Preliminary Development Plans. A Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) functions as a development suitability analysis and a comprehensive plan of the proposed developments. The PDP:
            (I)   Identifies and quantifies the constraints and opportunities for development in the following manner:
               (i)   The physical characteristics of the site;
               (ii)   Available public services and facilities;
               (iii)   The capacity of the existing circulation system; and
               (iv)   The existing and planned land use of adjacent properties.
            (II)   Establishes a list of specific limits, parameters, and planning objectives to guide development based on the identified development constraints and opportunities.
            (III)   Describes one or more potential development schemes derived from the limits, parameters, and planning objectives controlling the development. Each proposed development scheme shall describe in detail the:
               (i)   Proposed land uses and approximate distribution of the land uses;
               (ii)   Proposed density of residential uses;
               (iii)   Estimated population;
               (iv)   Estimated service demands;
               (v)   Anticipated impact on the existing circulation system;
               (vi)   Anticipated impact on adjacent properties;
               (vii)   Anticipated types of commercial and industrial uses; and
               (viii)   Relationship of the plan to the various elements of the General Plan and any applicable specific plan.
            (IV)   Identifies in the form of diagrams, maps, and/or written text a detailed plan of development based upon the application of the established limits, parameters, and planning objectives controlling development. The plan shall describe in detail the following:
               (i)   Proposed land uses and structure types, the functional arrangement of the uses and structure types and the relationship to circulation, lighting, parking, paving, recreation and open space areas, screening, setbacks, site, site grading, and adjacent properties;
               (ii)   How the established limits, parameters, and planning objectives have been adhered to;
               (iii)   The level of public services and facilities required by the proposed development and the program for providing, operating, and maintaining the services and facilities;
               (iv)   Access and circulation requirements;
               (v)   Known man-made and natural hazards and methods for mitigation of the hazards;
               (vi)   Significant natural features and areas to be retained for common open space, and provisions for the conservation, preservation, utilization, and maintenance of the areas; and
               (vii)   How the plan conforms to the objectives of the General Plan, any applicable specific plan, and the applicable provisions of this Development Code.
         (B)   Final Development Plans (FDP). The FDP:
            (I)   Is a detailed site plan that identifies the dimensions and location of all uses and structures in sufficient detail to permit the preparation and recordation of construction drawings; and
            (II)   Shall comply with all approved Preliminary Development Plans (PDP).
         (C)   Planned Residential Developments.
            (I)   Planned Residential Developments are residential projects consisting of 500 dwelling units or fewer. Planned Residential Developments are compatible with, and not a significant departure from surrounding land uses, and will be so located in relation to public utility systems and installations that neither the extension nor enlargement of the systems will be required that results in public capital expenditures greater than would develop in a form generally allowed in the area. Planned Residential Developments shall be so located with respect to parks, schools, and other public services and facilities required as to have access in the same degree as would develop in a form generally allowed in the area.
            (II)   Planned Residential Developments not meeting the above criteria shall not be processed under the regulations of this Chapter. Exception, however, residential projects greater than 500 units may be processed as a Planned Residential Development when the Development Review Committee (DRC) determines at the pre-application conference meeting that the project though greater in number of units:
               (i)   Is compatible with, and not a significant departure from, surrounding land uses;
               (ii)   Will not require public capital expenditures for the public utility systems greater than that required for the type of development generally allowed in the area;
               (iii)   Has reasonable access to parks, schools, and other public services and facilities in the same degree as would the type of development generally allowed in the area; and
               (iv)   Otherwise complies with the provisions of this Chapter.
            (III)    The records of the pre-application conference shall specify those findings determining the above criteria have been met.
            (IV)    The provisions of this Chapter shall modify the development standards of any land use zoning district designated for residential uses subject to the review and approval a Planned Residential Development application, in compliance with this Chapter.
            (V)    All land uses within a Planned Residential Development shall conform to the allowed uses of the underlying land use zoning district, except as follows:
               (i)   Residential dwelling units, as defined in Division 12 may be attached or detached.
               (ii)   Certain internally oriented, incidental service uses including civic, community or country clubs, conference centers, or convenience shops designed and intended to provide goods and services to residents of the Planned Residential Development project may be allowed. These incidental service uses shall not be located on the periphery of the project, nor shall the use encompass more than ten percent of the total project area.
            (VI)   The conditions of approval of a Planned Residential Development project shall specifically designate those uses, including types of dwelling units, allowed within the project.
   (d)   Application Procedures for Staged Developments. An application for a Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) shall encompass all of the land included within the Planned Development Permit. A Final Development Plan (FDP) may be for a portion of the land included within the Planned Development Permit or a phase of the Permit; provided:
      (1)   Each phase shall function as a complete and separate development from the remaining phases; and
      (2)   Any densities proposed or open space areas provided within the subject phase shall not result from a transfer of density from adjoining phases.
   (e)   Pre-application Conference. A pre-application conference shall be required for all Planned Development Permit applications. This pre-application conference will acquaint the applicant with the procedural requirements of the Planned Development Permit provisions of this Development Code and the general acceptability of the plan and its compatibility with applicable policies, issues, and development regulations. The conference may be with the Development Review Committee or with selected staff based upon the complexity of the project.
   (f)   Conformance of Plans. Each Final Development Plan (FDP) shall substantially conform to the approved Preliminary Development Plan (PDP).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4043, passed - -2008)