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§ 85.10.050 Findings.
   (a)   Review Authority’s Action. Following a public hearing, the review authority may approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove a Planned Development Permit, and shall record the decision and the findings upon which the decision is based.
   (b)   Required Findings. Before approving a request for a Planned Development Permit, the review authority shall first find that all of the following are true:
      (1)   The proposed development is consistent with the General Plan and any applicable plan.
      (2)   The physical characteristics of the site have been adequately assessed and the site for the proposed development is adequate in terms of shape and size to accommodate the use and all landscaping, loading areas, open spaces, parking areas, setbacks, walls and fences, yards, and other required features.
      (3)   The site for the proposed development has adequate access, in that the site design and development plan conditions consider the limitations of existing streets and highways and provides improvements to accommodate the anticipated requirements of the proposed development.
      (4)   Adequate public services and facilities exist, or will be provided, in compliance with the conditions of development plan approval, to serve the proposed development and the approval of the proposed development will not result in a reduction of public services to properties in the vicinity to be a detriment to public health, safety, and general welfare.
      (5)   The proposed development, as conditioned, will not have a substantial adverse effect on surrounding property or their allowed use, and will be compatible with the existing and planned land use character of the surrounding area.
      (6)   The improvements required by the proposed conditions of development plan approval, and the manner of development adequately address all natural and man-made hazards associated with the proposed development and the project site including fire, flood, seismic, and slope hazards.
      (7)   The proposed development carries out the intent of the Planned Development Permit provisions by providing a more efficient use of the land and an excellence of design greater than that which would be achieved through the application of conventional development standards.
      (8)   If the development proposes to mix residential and commercial uses whether done in a vertical or horizontal manner, the residential use is designed in a manner that it is buffered from the commercial use and is provided sufficient amenities to create a comfortable and healthy residential environment and to provide a positive quality of life for the residents. The amenities may include landscaping, private open space, private or separated entrances, etc.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)