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§ 85.10.040 Review Authority.
   (a)   Initial Review by the Development Review Committee (DRC). The DRC shall review all applications for preliminary or final development plans before their review by the Director, Commission, and Board.
   (b)   Commission and Board Action Required. The Commission shall review and recommend and the Board shall act upon all initial applications for preliminary development plans and significant revisions to previously approved preliminary development plans for Planned Development Permits.
   (c)   Recommendation for Disapproval. A disapproval action by the Commission shall terminate any application for a Planned Development Permit, unless it is appealed in compliance with Chapter 86.08 (Appeals).
   (d)   Preliminary and Final Development Plans Required. When an applicant chooses to file a final development plan for a project that has not had a preliminary development plan previously approved, the applicant shall file the preliminary and final development plans concurrently.
   (e)   Director to Review and Act upon All Final Development Plans. The Director shall review and act upon all applications for final development plans for a Planned Development Permit; provided, the plans have been determined to be non-controversial and are consistent with the approved preliminary development plans.
   (f)   Non-controversial Defined. A final development plan shall be determined to be non-controversial when no member of the DRC objects to the proposed development plan or any portion of the plan, the applicant is in agreement with the requirements and conditions as proposed, and there has been no objection voiced regarding the proposed project.
   (g)   Controversial Projects Shall Be Referred to the Commission. If the Director determines the project to be controversial the project shall be referred to the Commission for a recommendation to the Board.
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007)