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§ 85.10.030 Procedures.
   (a)   Application Review. Each Planned Development Permit application shall be analyzed by the Director to ensure that the application is consistent with the purpose and intent of this Chapter.
   (b)   Public Hearing. The review authority shall conduct a public hearing on an application for a Planned Development Permit before the approval or disapproval of the Permit. Notice of the public hearing shall be provided, and the hearing shall be conducted in compliance with Chapter 86.07 (Public Hearings).
   (c)   Scope of Approval. Planned Development Permit approval may adjust or modify, where determined by the review authority to be necessary and justifiable, any applicable standard of this Development Code (e.g., size, density, height, parking, setbacks, street layout, etc.); provided, the approval shall not authorize a land use that is not allowed in the applicable land use zoning district by Division 2 (Land Use Zoning Districts and Allowable Land Uses).
(Ord. 4011, passed - -2007; Am. Ord. 4205, passed - -2013)