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§ 84.28.110 Hosting Platform Requirement.
   (a)   For purposes of this Chapter a hosting platform shall be responsible for collecting all applicable uniform transient occupancy tax required by § 14.0203 and remitting the same to the County. The hosting platform shall be considered an agent of the STR owner for purposes of transient occupancy tax collections and remittance, as set forth in § 14.0203, if the hosting platform collects payment for the rental. If a hosting platform does not collect payment for rentals, the STR owner is solely responsible for the collection of all applicable transient occupancy taxes.
   (b)   Subject to applicable laws and procedures provided in § 84.28.080(c), when requested by the County, a hosting platform shall disclose, in a commonly used electronic format, the address of each STR within the unincorporated San Bernardino County listed on the hosting platform, the names of the persons responsible for each such listing, the address of each such listing, the length of stay for each such listing and the price paid for each stay.
   (c)   A hosting platform shall display the County STR permit number for any STR listing located in the unincorporated San Bernardino County.
   (d)   A hosting platform operating exclusively on the internet, which operates in compliance with Subsections (a), (b) and (c) above, shall be presumed to be in compliance with this Chapter, except that the hosting platform remains responsible for compliance with the administrative subpoena provisions of this Chapter.
   (e)   The provisions of this Section shall be interpreted in accordance with otherwise applicable state and federal laws and will not apply if determined by the County to be in violation of, or preempted by, any such laws.
(Ord. 4371, passed - -2019; Am. Ord. 4439, passed - -2022)